Our Business: Downstream

We help clients navigate today’s high-paced and interconnected markets with deep industry experience, integrated solutions, cutting-edge tools and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.

This is done through Trinity Oil & Diesel Trading LLC, E3’s wholly owned local trading company that distributes oil products such as Diesel (10ppm) into the UAE market. Trinity wholesales these products and sells directly to end users, including companies in the transport, power generation and utility sectors.

Downstream Retail Terminal
Our downstream retail terminal operations are recognized for efficiency and reliability, with unwavering commitment to safety and environmental stewardship.
Trucking and Barging
Our experience in managing trucking and barging operations has enabled us to establish proprietary distribution networks which consistently operate to various highest standards.
Marketing Wholesale and Retail
We supply products for wholesale customers as well as arrange retail supplies for renowned industry leading clients in the utility, construction and contracting industry within the UAE.